Thursday Aug 8 @ 11:01pm
Thursday Aug 8 @ 11:00pm
Thursday Aug 8 @ 10:59pm

"I’m not following my dad’s dream. I’m following my own dream".

Thursday Aug 8 @ 09:13pm


I will always love my brooding vampire.

Thursday Aug 8 @ 08:38pm

I like how tumblr categorized Ryuk with apples


I like how tumblr categorized Ryuk with apples

Thursday Aug 8 @ 10:45am


"i understand women have it bad but men have it bad too"


"i mean, women are almost equal to men as it is"


"i’m not a feminist, i believe in equality"


Wednesday Aug 8 @ 08:50am

Tuesday Aug 8 @ 04:37pm
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Monday Aug 8 @ 06:49pm

Monday Aug 8 @ 06:49pm

And that’s how you make an exit.

Monday Aug 8 @ 08:33am


Hallie Elizabeth is a self-taught American artist, born and raised on the beach in California.  

The style of her work is deeply influenced by her childhood, nature, and the enigmatic quality of dreams.  Primarily painting the female form blended with the cosmos and organic elements, each of her introspective illustrations are intimate self-explorations.

While each piece should be interpreted subjectively, they all carry undertones of rebirth, heartbreak, love, sensuality, magic, and pain.


Monday Aug 8 @ 12:13am


Its been real

Sunday Aug 8 @ 11:40pm

Sunday Aug 8 @ 11:49am
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